Mainstreaming madrassas: Call for registration of seminaries with education departments

Speaking at a seminar on Education and Social Cohesion organised by Peace Education and Development (Pead) Foundation, the religious scholar blamed the government for back-pedaling on the issue of madrassa reform.

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Youhanabad incident due to lack of justice, Tahir Ashrafi

The violent reaction to the Youhanabad church attacks in Lahore was the consequence of lack of justice and failure of the government to prosecute the perpetrators of Kot Radha Kishan incident, said Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council Allama Tahir Ashrafi.

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Young Democrats Academy (YDA)

This project is being implemented by the International Republican Institute (IRI) in partnership with Peace Education and Development Foundation (PEAD) and has established a Young Democrats Academy (YDA) comprised of 20 national and provincial parliamentarians under the age of forty.

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NED- Political empowerment of minority women

The Peace Education and Development (PEAD) Foundation, with the support of National Endowment for Democracy (NED) aims to empower minority women by building their capacity and enhancing their knowledge about democracy, governance, human rights and other critical areas.

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Youth For Democracy and Social Change (YDSC)

The project “Youth for Democracy & Social Change” is implemented in collaboration with the German Embassy, Islamabad.  The project is being designed to build the capacity of educated youth from the conflict hit areas of the KPK and FATA in the disciplines of rule of law & role of civilian agencies, good governance & accountability, human rights, leadership development and social action.

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REAT Network

In collaboration with The Asia Foundation, the aim of the project is to create an enabling environment and debate within society for promotion and protection of Rights of Expression, Association, Assembly and Thought. The project aims to improve sensitivity levels of vernacular and electronic media with regard to freedom of expression and its role for the existence of a peaceful and socially cohesive society.
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Inter-Faith Harmony and Rights of Religious Minorities

PEAD Foundation in collaboration with the Global Human Rights Defense (GHRD) is working on the “rights of religious minorities in Pakistan”. Under the project, PEAD has helped create a network of civil-society organizations across Pakistan to work on issues of the marginalized communities (religious minorities) in Pakistan.

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Pak-Afghan Women Forum for Peace & Democracy (PAWFPD)

In collaboration with the Women’s Democracy Network, a global initiative of the International Republican Institute (IRI),the project aims to increase women’s political participation, enhance their leadership and representation in electoral process and assemblies’. The project’s objective is to create linkages of women with their peers in other countries who are facing similar struggle, providing them mentorship from experienced women and through skill building techniques designed to target their identified needs.

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Youth Voices II

A project of Peace Education And Development Foundation in partnership with Ploughshares Fund aims at capacity building of 500 youth representatives’ of different institutions of KPK and FATA. This is being done by organizing training sessions of mixed ability groups from theselected institutes to help educate young people in the fields of democracy, leadership, conflict resolution, team buildingand use of social media.

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Pakistan Center For Excellence (PACE)

Without the help of teachers, no nation can prosper or dream of peace. PACE was a training program for teachers from KP and FATAadvocating the re-conceptualization of teachers’ role as “harbingers of change” for peace, non-violence and democratic consolidation and seeks a positive behavioral change among the target beneficiaries. The project trained 100 Master Trainers from KPK and FATA who in turn trained over 2000 government school teachers at all levels besides conducting trainings for over 10,000 students in schools. .

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Art For Social Cohesion & Expression

PEAD, with support from United Nation’s Children Fund (UNICEF), Pakistan is utilizing this advocacy and training program to stem the wave of intolerance and extremism in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The project reaches out to madrasa (seminaries) through the medium of art and dialogue to develop better communication & inter-personal relationship skills among the participants for social cohesion and harmony in the region, besides strengthening values such as peace, non-violence, respect for diversity & pluralism.

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Psycho-social support, Education for sustainable Development & Inclusive Education

With support from United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Pakistan, PEAD is undertaking this project which aims to provide equitable, essential and life-saving education services to the children of in and off camp internally displaced people (IDPs) in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and FATA. 

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Launching ceremony of review report

Peace Education And Development (PEAD) Foundation has carried out a review of the text books being taught in government school of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) of the four subjects which includes Islamiat / Deenyat, English, Pakistan Studies and Urdu. The books are  being taught  , from grade 1 to 10. Based on the review a ........Read more>>